Hot Air Ballooning

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to jump into one of the Global Ballooning baskets and take a flight over Melbourne. Like so many people I have always loved watching the balloons float over the city each morning plus the kids and I go to the launches sometimes (when we are feeling energetic an hour pre-sunrise), so I was incredibly excited to join in!

You start the morning at an inner city hotel where you are briefed by the pilots and driven to the launch site. Global Ballooning use over 30 sites that they choose from based on weather conditions. Setting up the balloon is an all hands on deck adventure where everyone gets the chance to roll out the balloon and help with inflation. Once the balloon is off the ground it's time for everyone to jump into the basket to get airborne!

The flight will always be a little bit different depending on your launch site and weather conditions but will always take in a spectacular sunrise over the city and take a path over the CBD. We launched from Yarra Bend Park in Fairfield, crossed over the MCG and botanic gardens and landed out east at Moorabbin Airfield.

It is such a wonderful experience that allows you to see Melbourne in a whole new way.

Top Tips for Ballooning

1. Dress warmly with covered shoes. It's a chilly start and the ground is often wet.

2. Book well in advance if you want a particular date but be aware that flights are cancelled for adverse weather conditions.

3. Take the best camerayou can get your hands on! It is one picture perfect moment after another.

This experience is open to children as well, from the age of seven, but they would need to be tall enough to see over the basket to make the trip worthwhile.

For more information or to book your flight head to

Kel in Melbs