The How To Donate Your Hair Checklist


Step 1. 

You need to grow it! You need 30cm at a minimum to donate. 


Step 2.  

It needs to be uncoloured and unbleached.

Step 3. 

Hair needs to be clean and untangled. 


Step 4.  

Grab some elastics, hair needs to be secured top and bottom before it is sent away.


Step 5. 

Chop it off! Many hairdressers will do this for you, we chose Soul Scissors in Seddon who were AMAZING. Definitely keep them in mind to make the final chop a wonderful experience for everyone.


Step 6. 

Put the elastic secured hair in a zip lock bag with the corners cut off and send to Variety. Ensure the hair is completely dry before bagging and sending.

Also download the quick hair donation form from the Variety website to send along too. 


 Send to:

Variety- The Children's Charity

Locked Bag 2468, St Leonards NSW 1590

Step 7. 

Feel really awesome about your new do :)