The Colour Run


Melbourne's next colour run will be taking place on November 22nd at Flemington Racecourse and there are still tickets available if you want to join in the fun!

We took the kids along last year and had a great time, so here are my top tips for colour-running with kids:

1. Take sunglasses or goggles for the kids to avoid getting powder in their eyes.
2. Kids aren't provided with shirts like the adults are so we made our own with a white t shirt and some fabric markers. Wearing white is the best way to show off your finish line colours.
3. Remember to take before and after photos.
4. There are water sprinkler stations that are there to help the colour stick better, don't avoid them.
5. Public transport will be busy so be patient, you will also need a poncho if you are catching the train or tram so remember to grab one on the way out.
6. There is parking on site for $15 but remember some towels and/or changes of clothes if you drive.
7. Pop your phone or compact camera in a zip lock bag to protect it from the powder stations.
8. Costumes are encouraged.
9. Booking early gets you discounted tickets.
10. This year they have added glitter. I have no advice for this. None.

Have Fun!

Kel in Melbs