Mission: Melt the Myki AKA Catch every tram in a day

Have you ever thought 'Wouldn't be a bit of fun to catch every tram in one day?' No? Well, we did. 

It took a bit of planning and a full day of traming but we did manage to ride each tram for at least one stop. 

If you would like our itinerary here it is.... now this was worked out by me looking at a stack of tram maps and tram tracker one night so I make no claims that this is the best way to do 'tram day' but it is a way of getting it done. Most stops are close by but there is a little walking to do. Make sure you download the tram tracker app before you tackle this game. Very handy. 

Line 82 Stop 64 Footscray
Stop 48 Raleigh Rd
Line 57 Stop 48 Wests Rd
Stop 20 Melrose st
Line 59 Stop 20 Melrose St
Stop 19 RCH
Line 55 Stop 19 RCH
Stop 12 Flemington Rd
Line 19 Stop 12 Flemington Rd
Stop 5 Melbourne Central
City circle Stop 5 Elizabeth st
Stop 1 Spencer St
Line 86 Stop 1 Spencer st
Stop 2
Line 48 stop 1 Spencer st &collins st
stop 6 Town Hall
line 8 Stop 8 Melbourne Central
Stop 10 Bourke St
Line 96 Stop 10 Albert st
Stop 122 Southern Cross
Line 11 Stop 1 Spencer st
Stop D16 Harbour Esp
Line 75 Stop D4 Docklands Park
Stop D2 Central Pier
Line 70 stop D2 Central Pier
Stop 1 Spencer st
Line 12 Stop 1 Spencer st
Stop 124A Casino
Line 109 Stop 124A Casino
Stop 21 Church St
Line 78 Stop 65 North Richmond 
Stop 47 Commercial Rd
Line 72 Stop 31 Chapel St
Stop 43 Glenferrie 
Line 16 Stop Commercial Rd
Stop. High st
Line 6 Stop High st
Stop 14 Arts Precinct
Line 1 Stop 14 Arts Precinct
stop 13 Fed Square
Line 5 Stop 13 Fed Square
Stop 30 st kilda junction
Line 64 Stop 30 st kilda junction
Stop 51 Hawthorn Rd
Line 3A Stop 51 Hawthorn Rd
Stop 30 st kilda junction
Line 67 Stop 30 st kilda junction
Stop 13 Fed Square.

Done. Train it on home! 

*we did this on a Saturday. Line 3a is line 3 on a weekday and runs differently I think.


Tips for Tram Day:

~work out a clear plan

~download the tram tracker app

~check the website for any tram works

~if you are doing it with a pram (like we did) be prepared to lift it on and off a lot of these trams. Not all trams are accessible. 

~ start early  

Good luck and enjoy!