Pop-Up Inflatable Water Slide Events in Melbourne


The pop-up water slide craze looks like it's here to stay! There are a few choices when it comes to who to slide with and where to slide plus some things that will make the experience better for everyone. 

Slide the square is the smaller of the water slides and the price reflects this. It is also in the best position to get to with public transport and for awesome city views. This is my pick for doing it with the kids as the queues tend to be much shorter too. 

Slide the City

Slide the City

Slide the City and Slide Melbourne are the two companies that close down Lansdowne Street (beside Fitzroy Gardens) with their long slides. The set up is similar but the execution is quite different, Slide the City lacks the staff and organisation of the much slicker running of Slide Melbourne. It results in much longer wait times and more collisions on course with Slide the City.  

Top Tips

1. Take thongs or slip on shoes you can carry with you on the slide, the wait on the hot road is tough on feet, especially little feet. 

2. Get the spectators (photographers) to come and line up with you so they can see the people ahead of you in line before heading off to get a good viewing spot so they will have a warning as to when you are coming next. 

3. Choose a lane and tell the spectators that's the one you will be in, you do get a say in it. 

4. Slide the City allows you to bring your own inflatable thing to slide on. 

5. Slide behind the kids to limit people crashing into them from behind (this one sounds precious, but it if you have little ones they can be wiped out by some enthusiastic teens who get up some serious water speed!)  

Slide the Square is operating daily in Fed Square until January 16th.

Slide Melbourne  returns on February 7th tickets available now.  

Slide the City has not yet announced their next slide. 


Slide the Square

Slide the Square