Tangle is a huge interactive artwork hosted by the brilliant madness of Polyglot Theatre. Each child gets a ball of elastic as they enter and contribute to the the growing tangle. It all starts with some bare gold poles and some enthusiasm but by the end of the first session a huge rainbow spider web is already forming!

There is also a special 'Baby Tangle' on site for the younger ones who may be intimidated by the bigger crowds.  

Each session goes for 75min but you can arrive and leave at any time during the session. 

Pram parking provided as prams aren't allowed inside.

Friday and Saturday 10am, 1pm, 3pm Sunday 10am, 1pm

No bookings required, Free. 

Tangle is happening in the Forecourt of the Arts Centre (under the spire) on St Kilda Road. 

Kel in Melbs