Melbourne Monopoly: The good, the bad and the chance card that mocks hipsters.


For Christmas this year I got a game of the new Melbourne Monopoly. As a massive fan of all things Melbourne surely this game was made for me? Sure, there's a lot to love but there are also some parts that are less fun than parking in the CBD.

What's great about it:

Classic monopoly gameplay, no need to mess with the original.

Some great property choices.

Cute playing pieces, I especially love the little spray can.


Melbourne themed chance and community chest cards with some nice one liners. 


What's not so great:


The board has been dipped in sponsership which always irks me a little. 

Some properties are well out of Melbourne (Great Ocean Road!). 

Instead of choosing streets they've gone with landmarks which does make less sense when it comes to building houses on the arts centre. 

A hipster ordering a Frappacino? I don't think so, Mr. Monopoly. 


The bottom line is that we played it and enjoyed it. My six year old got a kick out of the new version, as did I. She is probably a bit young for it and lost interest along the way but I think older kids, and adults, would see it as a good addition to the games cupboard.

Kel in Melbs