Cocktails (Mocktails) and Canvas

With a name like Cocktails and Canvas it's not the first place you think to take the kids but this place is really child friendly!


Classes go for approximately three hours and are lead by an artist who gives advice and assistance throughout. Each class has a theme, the one we attended was all on Van Gogh's Sunflowers, and students are encouraged to use their own ideas and styles to get to the finished masterpiece.

The studio is a bright, colourful room lined with artwork and in the back there is a bar serving drinks (both alcoholic and non alcoholic) and bar snacks. 


Mango Mocktail (that she traded for a hot chocolate) :) 

Mango Mocktail (that she traded for a hot chocolate) :) 

Kids are welcome at afternoon sessions and these times can be found on the Cocktails and Canvas website. I'd certainly recommend these classes as something to do with the kids so long as they are art loving kids who are quite happy to spend a few hours paint brush in hand.

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