Scienceworks' Sticky Situation


Scienceworks has come up with a pretty cool school holiday activity with 'Space Tape: An Ever Expanding Universe'! We tried it out today and loved getting involved with the collaboration that is symbolic of an expanding universe (or perhaps the kids just loved sticking tape all over the floor, either way we had fun).  

This activity runs daily from 11am-3pm in the exhibition space to the left as you enter. No bookings are required and it is included with your entry admission.


Scienceworks is open daily from 10am-4.30pm and is located in Spotswood. 

Space Tape: An Ever Expanding Universe is fully accessible, as is all of scienceworks and there are toilets and change facilities on site.

From Scienceworks:

Space Tape: An Ever Expanding Universe

Can a drawing grow and change in the same way that stars evolve or galaxies form? Could collaborating to create an artwork be a kind of scientific research? Become part of a unique art-science experiment taking place at Scienceworks these school holidays. 

Join in to generate a large-scale, floor-based drawing installation using coloured tape, conceived by artist Briony Barr in collaboration with astrophysicist Andrew Melatos.

Based on simple rules relating to the structure of the universe, the artwork will evolve depending on choices made by participants. What will emerge is hard to predict!  Join in to find out.

Monday 28 March–Sunday 10 April 2016
Daily, 11 am–3 pm

This is a great companion to the new planetarium show 'Capturing the Cosmos' which runs daily in the Scienceworks Planetarium.