NGV has announced their next Architecture Commission winner!


A playful reinvention of the suburban car wash has been announced as the winner of the 2016 NGV Architecture Commission with Melbourne-based M@ STUDIO Architects’ winning entry Haven’t you always wanted to run through all that foam at the car wash?

With dimensions taken directly from an existing car wash in Blackburn, the design transplants an object of everyday use and familiarity into the unfamiliar surroundings of an art gallery. In place of cement and fluorescent lighting, the structure will have a lightweight steel body with walls made of layered cricket netting and a translucent polycarbonate roof.

The evocative structure will include five ‘bays’ with lanes of bright pink astro turf complete with rubberised humps and road markings. Topped by a glittering ‘car wash’ sign and illuminated at night, the spaces will be used for events, talks, live music performances and more over spring and summer as well as providing a place for Melburnians to gather, play and daydream. The whimsical structure will also include two bays replete with hanging curtains of red plastic, while another will diffuse mist recreating the experience of being at the car wash.

M@ STUDIO Architects commented, ‘We are thrilled to be selected as the winner of the 2016 NGV Architecture Commission. Open competitions such as this provide a vital platform for architects to experiment and facilitate public discourse around the broader ideas that motivate the specific design explorations.’

The NGV Architecture Commission is an annual open competition which asks architects to consider innovative ways to activate one of Melbourne’s great civic spaces, the Grollo Equiset Garden, with a thought-provoking work of temporary architecture.

Competitors are encouraged to offer a unique response to the site, explore new propositions about architecture and design, and demonstrate innovation in material use, fabrication, sustainability and recyclability.

I can't wait for this one! We spend plenty of time in the NGV outdoor space and love the current installation out there!

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