Where's Your Roar, Dinosaur? Free Show.


Today we got watch a great little free show called "Where's Your Roar, Dinosaur?" at the West Footscray Library. The show was written and performed by the talented crew at Carp Productions who are regulars on the school holiday entertainment circuit. Slapstick comedy and story telling is intertwined with song and dance to the delight of the pre school crowd. This show was the last dino show for these holidays but check out their website for upcoming performance dates and times.


"You have front row seats for the most Stegtacular Dinosaur Show on earth! Join in the Raptor Rap and the Jurassic Jump! Meet all your favourite dinosaurs, including a joke telling Gigantosaurus and a baby Brachiosaurus. Includes the story of Tim Rex, who loves scaring all the creatures in Jurassic Park with his rather loud ROAR until one day… it disappears! Will he ever find it again? Find out in this dino-tastic show!

Carp Biography


Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess called Caroline the Smart. She was blessed with a highly active imagination which led her to write and perform plays to the delight of her family and friends. One day the handsome Prince Philip of Linsdell happened upon one of her performances. He knew immediately that by combining their talents they could create theatre shows to bring delight to every royal subject in the land.  By combining three letters of her name with one of his, they created Carp Productions, and embarked on a journey to bring live theatre to the children of Victoria.

They travelled to the farthest reaches of the land, from schools in Echuca to Warnambool Fun4Kids Festival, the Queenscliff Music Festival and Federation Square. Soon every subject in the Kingdom was talking about the Royal Pair and their enchanting performances: Fairytales and Mini Beasts enthralled the children, as much as themed shows like “Proud to Be Me” and “Save our World”. The Enlightened Pair also devised a Human Rights Show, “Fred’s Fair Play”, produced by the Eastern Community Legal Centre. Thousands of Fairies flocked annually to the Fitzroy Gardens to see their magical show “The Fairy Factor” which they performed for the City of Melbourne every January from 2003 until 2008. This year the Wheeler Centre invited them to perform at the Children’s Book Festival Family Day, held at The State Library.

And thus in 2012 the Prince and Princess embarked on their most exulted quest – To take their original performances to as many children as possible, and live…

… Happily Ever After"

-From the Carp Productions website