The Rooftop Backlot Drive In


Rav and I caught a movie at the new Backlot Rooftop Drive In tonight. Admittedly, it wasn't the weather for a drive in night but the rain stopped before the film started and we had a car full of Christmas chocolates and dinosaur toys so we didn't mind either way.

Each night two films will be screening to a limited crowd with tickets available online. It's all happening on the top of the Harbourtown car park so enter through the car park as normal and drive to the top. You are directed into position and given the number for the radio station that will be broadcasting the audio. 

You can choose to have the car facing the screen or away from the screen if you want to sit in the back to watch. The movies all start after dark so it's a late night for kids by the time you see the film and all the cars are directed out. Red Dog and Monster Trucks are the two choices for family films with more choices if you are out on the town kid free. 

Prices vary from $25-$60 per car depending on the day.  

Snacks are available (EFTPOS only) or there are plenty of restaurants in Harbour Town with take away options and temporary toilet facilities have been set up.