Easy Homemade Christmas Foods

Chocolate Biscuit Puddings

A very easy way to turn Chocolate Royal biscuits into Christmas puddings. 



Gingerbread is fairly fail proof, just don’t overcook it or it’s like eating Christmas decorations. There are 100s of recipes online for traditional, gluten free, vegan, chocolate... there is no problem tracking down whatever type you need. 


Cheats Gingerbread

Use pre made shortcrust pastry. It works really well and can be decorated with sweet or savoury toppings. Very quick and easy but you still get a ‘gingerbread man’ at the end. 

Nutella pastry tree

Two sheets of shortcrust pastry with Nutella in between. Cut into a triangle with a trunk base (very simple tree shape) and then slice lines towards the centre, carefully to to go right across, about two centimetres apart. Lift and twist each cut section. Add a star to the top. Brush with a little milk or egg and bake for approx 15min at 180C.  


Reindeer noses 

This is a fun one to hand out on the last day of school. Make a little bag with some malteasers and one Jaffa for Rudolf’s nose. 

Strawberry Santas

These are so easy to make that this photo was taken in a hospital kitchen from the year we weren’t home for Christmas. You can whip them up pretty much anywhere! Just chop the tops off some strawberries and use whipped cream and chocolate or lollies for the eyes.