Arboria at Federation Square


Arboria has arrived in Melbourne! We had a wonderful time exploring this incredible inflatable structure in Federation Square today and it’s sure to be a school holidays favourite! From the outside it looks like a jumping castle but inside you’ll find light filled tunnels, domed and tiny rooms. Everything is lit with sunlight alone and the effect is amazing. The entire structure is fully accessible and easy to get to as it’s located in the centre of Federation Square. 


ARBORIA is a monumental, walk-in sculpture with a 10-metre high grand dome at its centre.

Inspired by the shapes and form of the forest, you will wander through its luminous tree-like structures, see the patterns of leaves and branches above and hear and hear a soundscape, which originated in the Ecuadorian Cloud Forest.

Each dome bears its own stylised leaf motif rendered in graphic simplicity, yet its centre dome is an interpretation of the tall Gothic windows and arching columns of Chapter House at York Minister, UK.

ARBORIA is created by Alan Parkinson of internationally acclaimed Architects of Air (UK) and is one of a series of Luminaria, which are inflatable structures designed to generate a sense of wonder and enchantment.

Touring Australia in association with Insite Arts, ARBORIA will exhibit in Melbourne only at Federation Square.

ARBORIA’s exhibition at Federation Square is powered by the Siemens EcoGen.

ARBORIA is suitable for all ages and is wheelchair accessible.

Snap a selfie inside and tag your pics #fedsquaresummer

Tickets on sale now!