GIANT Bubbles

Making giant bubbles is so much fun! (And a really awesome way to make a bazillion new friends at the local park). I set out to find the perfect bubble recipe that would make EPIC bubbles and after a whole lot of testing and experimenting we have found a completely fool proof amazing mixture that works every time.

Let's start with what you'll need to make the bubble wands. There are a lot of variations but all you really need is two sticks with a length of cotton string, wool or thin rope and a metal weight. For the sticks we robbed the bamboo stakes from last seasons tomato crop but any sticks will do. The weight is usually bolts but I had a random IKEA furniture tool with a hole in it that has worked perfectly. Tie the string to the poles, the length between should be the approximate arm span of whoever is making the bubbles, and then double the length for the triangular section that hangs down. The weight is tied to the middle of the hanging section of string. 


The bubble mixture is made of water, Fairy dishwashing liquid, baking powder and a pretty bizarre ingredient- vetinary grade horse lubricant called J Lube. I know, it sounds crazy, but I have tried so many recipes with glycerine, gelatine, corn syrup, corn starch... The list goes on. Nothing even comes close to the results of this stuff. (Pinterest lies sometimes! Who knew?!) :)

It. Is. Amazing.

I have no idea if you can wander into your local vet and buy a bottle, I chose the rather more discret method of buying a bottle off Ebay. You only need a small amount so a bottle of this stuff is a life time supply of giant bubbles. I came across this recipe on YouTube, the original video is here.

Giant Bubble Recipe

1 bottle Fairy dishwashing liquid

1tbs J Lube powder

3tbs baking powder

11L water

Mix the powders and dishwashing liquid well before adding the water. The mixture can be used immediately.


To make the bubbles simply dip the string into the mixture with sticks together, making sure the string is well soaked, lift the string out with sticks together and slowly open the sticks to form a sheet of bubble mixture in the triangle between the strings. Have your back to the wind for the best results. If there is no wind you'll need to drag the wands through the air to form the bubbles. If there is a lot of wind try and find a bit of a wind break to make you bubbles, light wind is best.

For more photos and videos of the results we've gotten from this mixture check out #theamazingbubblegirl hashtag on Instagram. For technique watch the dinosaur having a go in the video at the top of this post.


Happy bubble making!