Disney on Ice


Tonight was my first time to Disney on Ice, and as someone who needs one of those kiddy seals to hold on to to stay upright while skating I certainly have a lot of admiration for what these guys can do!

This year the focus is on Frozen with Ana and Elsa taking the lead. You'll still get to see lots of your other favourites too though in the opening number. 

The kids and I went along with my Mum: three generations of Disney fans and we loved it! It's a breathtaking show and now I absolutely see why everyone gets so excited when it is in town. 

Costumes are certainly welcome and you'll see plenty of tiny princes and princesses enjoying the show. It's also a good plan to bring your own glow sticks or alike as you may want to limit the amount of pocket money thrown at merchandise. 

Food and drinks are available at the arena or you can bring your own.  

Normally we catch public transport to these kind of events but Hisense Arena is only serviced by one tram line that generally has the older step trams and I can't get Rav's wheels onto it. If you are without wheels the tram is a good option, otherwise there is parking on site. We pre booked parking as it does fill up and the discounted pre booked rate is $20.  

There are different pricing options for tickets, obviously you'll be paying top dollar for front row but I think kids would be happy in almost any seat in the house. We weren't at the front but could definitely see all the action.  As a first timer I found the FAQ section on the website very handy. Tickets start at $39.


The show went for two hours with a fifteen minute interval.  I noticed there was a meet and greet after the show so if you wanted to stay for that add a bit more time to the plan. There are different show times but ours started at seven.

Hisense Arena is fully accessible (well, apart from tram access), so you should have no trouble getting around. There is pram parking and wheelchair seating.

Disney on Ice opened today, July 5th, and there have just been more shows added due to overwhelming demand (those Frozen girls sure are popular!). Check out the website for more details and to buy tickets