Winter Wonderlights @Sovereign Hill

It's the middle of winter so obviously the hot spot to be is Ballarat. No, really. Sovereign Hill has worked a special kind of magic with their Winter Wonderlights and the experience is amazing!



All the things you love best about Sovereign Hill are still there: the coach rides, the gold panning, the RASPBERRY DROPS, but now there is also a terribly charming 1850's Christmas in July that transforms into a state of the art projection display at sunset! 

Winter Wonderlights is included in your daily ticket and the park is open until 7pm to give you plenty of time to enjoy the show. This special event is running for July only so get your skates on. 


Sovereign Hill is located in Ballarat, it will take you just under and hour and a half by car and it's an easy drive up the highway. Parking is free. Prams and wheelchairs can navigate the park with care, the ground is uneven at times but the best efforts have been made to make this gold mining town up to modern accessibility standards. There are always plenty of friendly staff around that are happy to help. 



A few tips; 

- Alternate between indoor and outdoor activities to stay warm, lots of the buildings have fireplaces going to warm you up after goldpanning. 


- Make time to see a lolly making demonstration, it's a fun one to watch and you get a sample afterwards! 

- A baked potato is the perfect way to stay warm while waiting for the lights to come on. 

- When the projections are first turned on it's quite a crush in Main St but it does clear out fairly quickly so if you have a pram or chair I'd recommend exploring the higher up Speedwell St, where all the fairy lights are, just for the start and then enjoying the Main St. 

Check out our Facebook or Instagram for a video of our day, we had a wonderful time! 

Tickets available online or at the door.