Beneath and Beyond

Beneath and Beyond  


We didn’t really know what to expect when we walked into Beneath and Beyond and even now that we’ve seen the performance I’m not sure if my explanation will do it justice!  

The walls and floors on the Aeso Theatre on Brunswick Street, a short walk from Melbourne Museum, have been decorated with recycled materials to immerse you in an undersea world. The creative upcycling of these objects is genius and not lost on the kids who were pointing out the origins of certain sea critters and plants. You are then joined in this undersea world by a costumed sea person who interacts with the children using sound and fish puppets. 


After your undersea experience you leave earth for space in a darkened rocket ship where you will travel with an astronaut through space with the use of projections and more cleverly up cycled props. 

At the end of your journey you are welcomed to stick around and make your own creations out of recycled goods in a craft area.

We all really enjoyed this very unusual experience. It’s so wonderful to discover such a unique show! If I was to compare it to anything it would be in the ballpark of Polyglot Productions and Snuff Puppets as the kids are so involved in everything going on. 

The Aeso Theatre is on Brunswick Street, just off Gertrude. There is some street parking and a tram stop a short distance from the front door. It is not far from Melbourne Museum if you are wanting to include another adventure in this trip, as we did. 

The performance is mainly on flat ground and audience members move through but there are two steps so not entirely accessible with the wheels. The performance goes for approximately 45 minutes with craft time at the end. 

 Tickets are $15 per person. Available online now.