Wild Buggy

Mena is eight so it was about time she learned to drive! We headed out East to Wild Buggy to give their off road driving corse a try and we all had a blast in their little buggies. Kids from five years old and 100cm tall can give this a go, unlicensed drivers are in dual control vehicles with experienced instructors or licenced drivers. Mena loved the jumps and water hazards, of which their were plenty in today’s wild weather. 


The track has all kinds of obstacles including hills, tyres, stairs, steep turns and water. Drivers are instructed on how to tackle all these challenges all while safely harnessed into the Buggy with a solid helmet on.  

This is such a great experience for kids who are years off getting a licence and for the big kids at heart who don’t face conditions like this on the daily commute. It is the only place in Melbourne you can do anything like this. 

There are different packages available with prices starting from $29 for kids and $55 for adults. You can book online here.

Wild Buggy also do gift vouchers and birthday parties! That’s a pretty cool spot to blow out the candles.  

Top Tips for Wild Buggy: 

1. Wear old clothes, if you go through the water at speed you’ll get splashed. 

2. If you book in a group at the same time you’ll all be driving together. If you’d prefer to watch/photograph each other book different times. 

3. Planning on booking Dad in for Fathers Day? Get in early, it’s one of the busiest days of the year! 


Opening Days & Times

  • 7 days a week (With bookings in advance)
  • 10am – 5pm
  • Bookings are essential as weekends do get very busy. Last minute bookings can be made but it is not recommended for people to just show up without a booking.
  • If bookings allow open from 9am – 6pm
  • Monday – Friday staff on site only if there are bookings.

LOCATION:433-453 Boundary Road, Heatherton 

Free parking on site.  

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