10 Reasons We Love Bug Lab at Melbourne Museum


Bug Lab is the latest exhibition to open at Melbourne Museum and there is plenty to love about it! Here are some things that stood out:


1. The epic models.


The huge insect models are incredible! Our favourite was the bee hive full of giant bees but the other two large scale insects are equally impressive.

2. The decision to put all the models in pods.


This was a good call, the models are very realistic and could be a little scary for younger bug fans so if they are put off they can leave the pod and still enjoy the rest of the exhibition.

3. The interactive games.

There is so much for little hands to do in this exhibition! The games all have an educational element at heart, teaching us all about the super powers of these little critters.

4. That it fits in so well with the grade 1 Minibeast unit.

If you have a little one in grade one this year, or in recent years, you will have been hearing all about minibeasts. This is the perfect way to follow up on everything they have been learning at school.

5. That Melbourne Museum are promoting this exhibition with amazing puppets.

These puppets are somingthing else! There are bees, ants, a jewel wasp, an orchid mantis, a red back spider and a beetle. They will be popping up at all sorts of places around the city so keep an eye on Melbourne Museum's Instagram for bug warnings.

6. Because you can make a full day of it by heading into the permenant insect exhibition.

We have always been big fans on the permenant display with it's combination of living and preserved insects. Now it is the perfect partner to Bug Lab.

7. The green screen shots.


OK, so I know every exhibition in town does the old green screen shot but this is my favourite one ever. Giant bugs for the win. 

8. The Dragonfly display.

This one is hard to describe but captivating to watch. Make sure you don't miss it!


9.  This exhibition is open plan.

I think everyone with kids will appreciate this one, it's so nice to tackle an exhibition at your own pace without feeling the need to keep moving or not being able to go back to a favourite part.  

10.  That huge amounts of information is presented in bite size chunks.

Kids get bored so easily but they aren't going to get a chance to in here. To compliment the real insects there are touch screens, phones to video chat insect experts, questions to think about and answer on the Bug wall, wasp brain surgery, videos, and flight explained through demonstration.  


Check out the video preview on our Facebook or Instagram page. 

Thanks for this photo from the Bug Lab launch Melbourne Museum!  

Thanks for this photo from the Bug Lab launch Melbourne Museum!  

Bug Lab is open now and will run until October 15th 2017. Tickets available online now. 

Melbourne Museum and Bug Lab are fully accessible and parking is available on site (Museum Members receive discounted parking) . There is a tram and bus stop at the door or it is a short walk from Parliment Train Station.