Zoorassic at Werribee Zoo


The Dinosaurs are taking over all three Zoos for 100 days! We visited Zoorassic at Werribee Zoo today and it was great. Twelve life sized moving dinosaurs roar at you along a fully accessible path and there is a dino dig for the kids to discover some fossils too.


Entry is included with your zoo admission. Last entry to Zoorassic is 4.00pm each day.


The Dinosaurs will be hanging out at Zoos Victoria until July.


Dino Scientist: The Volcano

Dinosaur Scientist: The Volcano. 

Everyone loves the old bi-carb and vinegar volcano, even dinosaurs!  

Here are three tips for the best volcano results:

1. Add dishwashing detergent to the vinegar for more foam. 

2. Build the volcano from Lego instead of paper mache because it’s easier, reusable and washable. Plus, it’s Lego, everything is better with Lego.

3. Put the colouring in the bi-carb instead of the vinegar so the coloured reaction is more of a surprise.