KAOS Anglesea


We spent the day at Kids Adventure Outdoors Anglesea today and Mena had a great time!

KAOS is an annual festival full of all sorts of activities from surfing and sailing to archery and damper making. The festival is very well organised and has a lovely school camp vibe.

Saturday is divided into four sessions where you choose activities best suited to your kids. You can buy full day of half day passes. There is an additional two sessions on Sunday morning if you decide to stay for the whole weekend.


We did it fairly easily as a day trip from the western suburbs but any further and it is probably best to stay in Anglesea. Camp Wilkin, where many activities are based, offers discounted accommodation for KAOS participants.

Sailing and canoeing were both really enjoyable and parents can join in with canoeing (most activities are just for the kids).


Lunch can be pre ordered but there are many food choices along the main street too.

Activities are spread out over Anglesea but easy to find and park at, or walk to if you are feeling energetic.

If your kids are of similar ages and abilities then booking them into activities is easy but otherwise you may need two adults and divide and conquer. Most activities need an adult to stick around.

This is a fun event perfect for city kids to get a bit muddy with some country fun.

KAOS is finishing up tomorrow but will be on again this time next year. We'll be back because Mena wants to try the stand up paddle boarding next time. πŸ˜ƒ