Hot Air Ballooning with Kids

Well, here’s an adventure the kids will NEVER forget! 


Global Ballooning fly balloons over Melbourne and the Yarra Valley and kids are able to join in on the fun once they are seven and tall enough to see over the basket ( If they can’t see over the edge the view will be much like sitting in a laundry basket.)

Hot Air Ballooning is more than just the flight itself, you also get to be involved with the launch by helping to inflate the balloon and it’s all hands on deck to pack up. Kids get to roll on the deflating balloon to get the air out- now that’s a unique jumping pillow!

Mena got the chance to fly over the Yarra Valley this week on the most perfect morning you could imagine. Preparations start while it’s dark so that the balloons can take off right on sunrise. The take off and landing locations are determined by the weather and chosen on the day but no matter what the scenery is stunning. The flight lasts for one hour and you can add a breakfast at Balgownie Estate to your booking for the full package.

This was an incredible experience for Mena and one she’s not likely to forget! The pilots and staff were so kind and accommodating and the whole experience was just perfect. She loved helping inflate the balloon and she hasn’t stopped talking about the flight. At breakfast one of the pilots gave her a champagne glass full of lemonade and that sealed it. Best. Day. Ever.


Obviously this is a pretty big thing to do and carries a bigger price tag than an afternoon at the movies but for a special occasion it may well be worth skipping the birthday party and taking to the skies.

The Top Three Questions We’ve Had Since Ballooning: 

1. Isn’t it scary for a kid? 

Ballooning is actually very gentle. The balloon flys with the wind so you don’t actually feel the wind. This gives the impression of floating rather than flying. Unless the child was particularly afraid of heights I would say that ballooning would not be scary at all.

2. What time do they leave? What time did you have to get up to get to the Yarra Valley in time? 

The balloons depart on sunrise, which is different depending on the time of year. You are required to meet the pilots approximately one hour before this time. We left home (in Melbourne’s inner west) at 4am to allow plenty of time to arrive for our 6am meeting time.  

3. What age do you think would be best?

This depends very much on the child. The most important thing is that they can see over the top of the basket, otherwise they really aren’t going to get much out of it! Mena is eight and looked like a floating head in the basket 😄 


Now, does anyone know where we can book into after school ballooning lessons?  😄

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