Pandas 3D at IMAX


The Pandas have arrived at IMAX! Pandas 3D is a great documentary spanning two years looking at the incredible efforts to reintroduce Pandas into the wild. The film is narrated by Kristen Bell (Ana from Frozen), and has certainly been created with families in mind. The story is easy to follow with big conservation issues broken down and explained. The footage, as always, is spectacular and the 3D technology put to good use. 

It is a documentary you walk away from wanting learn more about these magnificent creatures and one that I’m sure will inspire the new generation of conservationists.

Pandas 3D opened today June 7th and will run for a limited season at IMAX Melbourne. Tickets available online or at the cinema. Panda heads recommended. 


Star Wars with the MSO

Stars Wars with the MSO

I love Star Wars and had always imagined taking the kids along for that magic moment in the cinema when it goes from black screen to those iconic words and the score begins. However, I had never imagined it would be quite like this! The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra has taken on the remarkable challenge of playing the score live and the result is an experience like no other.  

Even before you enter the theatre you know this is a special event. Storm Troopers are mingling with the crowd and giant light sabres are your entry point. The Star Wars crowd is a passionate bunch and this performance feeds off that energy. Gone is the silence between pieces, the orchestra gets applause for each piece with an enthusiasm matching the moments the Millenium Falcon appears on screen. 


Over the years I have taken the kids to many MSO performances and they have grown up with a love of the orchestra (so much so that my daughter now wants to learn the harp, not the most convenient choice of instrument 😄), but a performance like this appeals not only to the music fans but the movie fans too. This is a brilliant way to introduce the orchestra to youngsters who may not have seen themselves in the MSO crowd. 

The Force Awakens is finished in Melbourne now but the Storm Troopers will be back in force in February when the orchestra is taking on the classic, Star Wars: A New Hope! Tickets are on sale now

**Please note the dress code of Star Wars t shirt. It’s not written on your tickets but judging by the crowd, they didn’t let in anyone not wearing one. 😂