Road To Zero @Melbourne Museum


Road to Zero is a fully interactive exhibition at Melbourne Museum designed by the TAC to raise awareness of road safety and to help make safer drivers. It has been designed for high school groups but is open to the general public as well and I think there is a lot younger children can learn from the exhibition!

Each visitor receives a swipe card to activate each part of the exhibition so your results can be emailed to you. These exhibits show what a human body would need to look like to survive a crash, give you the opportunity to redesign intersections to be safer and look at safety features in cars. 

There is also a virtual reality experience that shows improvements to car and road safety over the years.  

Road to Zero is free with Museum Entry and is located downstairs near the Mandela exhibition space. The exhibition is fully accessible. Some content may be inappropriate for young children as it discusses death and road trauma but I feel like it was fine for primary school aged children.