Age of Airplanes @ IMAX

Age of Airplanes is a gorgeous new film screening at IMAX Melbourne for a limited season. It uses amazing footage from all over the globe to bring the magic back to air travel.


I was expecting a documentary that focused on the mechanics of flight and the workings of airports but it was so much more than that. This movie shows us how interconnected our world is now thanks to planes and gives us fresh perspective on our ability to travel anywhere in the world.


It's a great movie for kids as well as adults because we all take flight too much for granted having grown up with it. Watching this will change how you feel about your next flight.  At one point the narrator points out that the view from a plane window is unique to our time in history, in one glance we can see more than other generations did in an entire lifetime. 


Age of Airplanes (45min) is screening now (February 8th 2017) for one month only at IMAX Melbourne, Melbourne Museum complex. Parking available on site in the Museum car park or street parking (both paid). Tickets available online or at the door. Museum Members receive discounted tickets and parking rates. 


"A mile of runway can take you anywhere in the world" - Age of Airplanes