David Bowie is... Not your average babysitter.

Are you planning on taking the kids to opening weekend of 'David Bowie is...' At ACMI? Rav and I just spun the pram through the wonderful little world they have created and have a few tips for you. 

-Buy your tickets online to avoid waiting

-Make the most of the lightning bolt entrance hall for your photo ops as there is no photography allowed in the exhibition. 

-If you can avoid taking a pram do so, prams are allowed but you have to backtrack through the exhibit to get to the lift to exit and on a busy day (which many will be) this could be tricky. 

The exhibition is fantastic, it starts with everyone being issued a media guide that is fully automated. As you walk through it picks up conversations with and about Bowie and plenty of music, it makes for a really immersive experience. The headsets are perfect for kids too, you can turn the volume down low and they all come on lanyards so you can kit them up at the start and wander through without any hassles. 

Photography is not allowed in the exhibition which I think is a good plan for a few reasons, firstly, you have dramatically less chance of losing an eye to a selfie stick, you get to just see with your own eyes and not be looking for 'the shot' and, to quote Dr. River Song, "Spoilers!" there won't be the social media saturation of so many events like this, you will be genuinely surprised by what you'll see. A rare treat these days!  


Details and Tickets at www.acmi.com.au 


Masks and much, much more merchandise available in the ACMI store.  

Masks and much, much more merchandise available in the ACMI store.