A Tiny Dancer's Guide to Degas @NGV

Degas: A New Vision is this year's Winter Masterpieces exhibition at NGV.  It is a gorgeous collection of paintings, sketches, photographs and sculptures that are displayed with the traditional class and charm of the Winter Masterpieces series. My tiny ballerina and I went along to check out the exhibition today and had a lovely time.


This exhibition is not particularly aimed at children but it will certainly appeal to some kids, as it did with six year old Mini. Throughout the exhibition are kids signs to give different perspectives of artworks and the ballet series will surely win over the tutu clad visitors. NGV has published a companion book for kids that is definitely worth looking at if you plan on visiting with kids.Β 


Tips for Degas with kids: 

1. Check out the artwork before the exhibition, kids enjoy recognising works and it turns the exhibition into a bit of a scavenger hunt tracking down your favourites. We bought the book 'Dancing With Degas' that is a very simple and sweet introduction.

2. Grab the companion work book Degas from the NGV Store so the kids can become familiar with the exhibition and get artsy themselves.   

3. Make the exhibition part of a bigger adventure. Visit the great hall with it's amazing lead light roof, make your way up to level three and watch the floating bowls of the Clinamen installation, explore the kids space with plenty of computerised fun, play with the mirror maze in the entrance hall and enjoy a picnic lunch outside in the enclosed sculpture garden.  

4. Buy tickets online to avoid lining up. 

5. Consider seeing the exhibition at one of the NGV Friday Night concerts. These are very family friendly events and I've been taking Mini since she was five. You can buy dinner at the gallery, browse the exhibition at your own pace during the evening and listen to some great music. It's an easy, and fairly affordable, way to have a fancy night with the primary schoolers that they will think is pretty special.  


Degas: A New Vision opens at NGV on June 24th and will be open daily 10am-5pm until September 18th. 

Tickets for Degas are available online or at the door. Entry to the rest of NGV is free.