Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Crazy Creatures


Rav and I had the pleasure of attending Classic kids: Crazy Creatures today and had a wonderful time!

The show is very interactive which won over the young crowd and the 45 min duration was the perfect amount of time to introduce kids to the orchestra experience. The show tells two stories that are projected onto the big screen and involve audience participation in the form of actions and singing. 

I would definitely recommend the show for children with an interest in music from age 3 (like Rav) up to early school age. The MSO also runs programs for older children.  

MSO Education Week is on now and is full of great programs like Crazy Creatures and they run other family programs throughout the year. Crazy Creatures will be playing again on Wednesday 4th May at 10am and 11:30am and again on Saturday 7th May at 10am and 11:30am. Tickets still available.

There is parking at the arts centre but I would recommend public transport as the easiest (and cheapest) option to get to Hamer Hall. It's only a short walk from Flinders St Station and there are tram stops as well. 

For more information on the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra check out their website.