Oceans : Our Blue Planet @IMAX

oceans 3d: our blue planet

Our tradition of racing in to IMAX for every single nature doco they throw up on the big screen continues with Oceans 3D. I'm not kidding, we can't get enough of these. The cinematography is always breathtaking, the content is amazing and you always leave feeling in awe of our planet. How often do you get to feel in awe of our planet while eating a choc top? Really?

Oceans 3D takes you around the world and shows the oceans all the way from surfing right down to the bizarre deep ocean filled with extraordinary creatures filled by submersible. You get to see all kinds of sea critters from Yeti crabs (yep, I hadn't heard of them either) that farm bacteria on their shells, to sea otters who are currently having a baby boom so the cute factor is high. There are of course all your favourites too: dolphins, Whales and fish, including a pretty extraordinary tusk fish. The film is beautifully narrated by Kate Winslet who wisely stays away from the ocean this time around. *Celine Dion plays in the distance*

Make sure you stay through the credits to see some cool behind the scenes footage!

Oceans 3D opens at IMAX Melbourne on April 5th. Run time 45min. Adults $18 Con $15 Kids $12

IMAX Melbourne is located at the Melbourne Museum in Carlton.