Pop Up Globe Ticket Giveaway

A full-scale temporary working replica of one of the greatest theatres in history, the second Globe, will soon pop-up right next door to the iconic Sidney Myer Music Bowl.

The Pop Up Globe is almost ready and preview shows will be starting shortly! Enter our Facebook competition now to be one of the first people in town to see a play in this extraordinary replica of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. 

Enter via the Facebook post here. Just comment on the Pop Up Globe Theatre post or tag a friend to be in the running. Winner chosen as random on Friday September 8th.

The Prize: 1 double pass for the Monday 18th September, 7.30pm performance of As You Like It.


Given these are previews to kick start the season, each ticket is 50% off the normal value.  These tickets are C Reserve tickets and valued at around $50 each (just over $100 for the double pass.) 

Tickets also available for sale here

As You Like It

An all-­singing-­and-­dancing cast of fifteen bring you Shakespeare’s hilarious comedy, As You Like It. Set in 1642, and with gorgeous costumes to match, this zany production by our all-­male company -­ complete with human sheep, bone-­crunching wrestling, live music and lyrical poetry -­ will have you crying with laughter.



From 21 September - 12 November 2017, Pop-up Globe will become the home of the most spectacular season of Shakespeare that Melbourne has ever seen.

Pop-up Globe founder and Artistic Director, Dr Miles Gregory, says he believes Shakespeare’s work performed in the space it is written for is a completely unique and transformative experience.

“Our audiences are blown away by the immersive experience of seeing Shakespeare performed in the space for which it was written. The relationship between actor and audience, the spectacular space itself, together with the power of Shakespeare’s incredible work, means attending plays at Pop-up Globe is totally different from anything you’ve seen before,” says Gregory.

“This isn’t dusty Shakespeare. This is now. Alive. Like a party,” adds Gregory.

The first Globe stood for 14 years until a disastrous fire demolished it in 1613. The second Globe was rebuilt on the same foundations by Shakespeare and his company significantly modifying the original first Globe to create what became one of the most famous theatres in history. Pop-up Globe uses as its historical reference point ground-breaking research by Associate Professor Tim Fitzpatrick and Russell Emerson of the University of Sydney to create the world’s first full-scale temporary working replica of Shakespeare’s theatre, the second Globe.

Pop-up Globe is a three-storey, 16-sided, 900-person capacity theatre. It unites cutting-edge scaffold technology with a 400-year-old design to transport audiences back in time. No matter where they sit or stand in the theatre, audience members are never more than 15 metres from the heart of the action on stage. Sometimes they’ll even find themselves in the play.

The audacious project was originally planned as a one-off in Auckland to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death in 2016. Created entirely from scratch by an international company and cast in less than 18 months, Pop-up Globe took the city by storm welcoming more than 100,000 attendances in a season extended twice by popular demand.

Here's what's playing:  

As You Like It

An all-singing-and-dancing cast of fifteen bring you Shakespeare’s hilarious comedy, As You Like It. Set in 1642, and with gorgeous costumes to match, this zany production by our all male company - complete with human sheep, bone-crunching wrestling, live music and lyrical poetry - will have you crying with laughter.

Much Ado About Nothing

See the legendary Beatrice and Benedick as you’ve never seen them before in Shakespeare’s original ‘rom-com’, Much Ado About Nothing. You’ll laugh and cry from start to finish as they navigate their way to love in this hilarious production which turns Pop-up Globe into an uproarious house party.


Witness Shakespeare’s ultimate psychological thriller in Pop-up Globe’s production of Othello.

Take a journey into the diseased mind of the noble Moor as he’s consumed by ‘the green eyed monster’; jealousy. The twists and turns in this powerful and dark production will have you on the edge of your seat.

Henry V

Shakespeare’s tribute to one of history’s greatest leaders comes alive like an action movie.

Be part of the English army as the heroic King Henry takes on the French army at Agincourt in the face of impossible odds. No knowledge of history is necessary to enjoy this immersive theatrical experience complete with spectacular and blood-thirsty battle sequences, performed by sixteen men in full armour wielding broadswords, longbows, garottes, cross￾bows, bagpipes and a frying pan.

Around the Globe in Sixty Minutes!

Step into history and experience the triumphs and disasters that tell the story of the second

Globe Theatre: from the fascinating story of its construction by Shakespeare and company after the catastrophic mid-performance fire of 1613 to its decline and fall as the bloody English Civil War started in 1642. Along the way, expect to meet outrageous characters from its history, and to laugh, shout and cheer as a cast of five actors share the extraordinary tale of one of the greatest theatres in history: the second Globe

Preview Performances

Be among the very first people to see spectacular productions of As You Like It, Henry V, Much Ado AboutNothing and Othello from Thursday, 14 September. Even better, all tickets to these previews are halfprice but are strictly limited- this offer will only apply until the official gala opening on 21September. Get tickets online now.

Preview shows are:

• As You Like It -

7:30pm, 14 September

• Much Ado About Nothing -

8pm, 15 September

• HenryV -

8pm, 16 September

• Othello -

6pm, 17 September

• Much Ado About Nothing -

1pm, 18 September

• As You Like It -

7:30pm, 18 September

• HenryV -

7:30pm, 19 September

• Othello -

7:30pm, 20 September