Buzz Lightyear vs Capturing the Cosmos


The Melbounre Planetarium has launched it's latest show- Capturing The Cosmos, with a spectacular evening celebrating how far astronomy has come and how much potential there is for new discoveries. It was an inspiring night to be a part of and one I was so happy to share with the kids. 

Mini and Buzz Lightyear was on the case to see what the junior set would think of the latest production. Our two kids have been visiting the Planetarium since they were babies and they have always enjoyed the little taste of space. Tycho has been a favourite for years (if you haven't seen Tycho To the Moon add it to your list, it's a great show for the kids and regularly screens at the planetarium at noon), and recently Starlight has won their hearts. Capturing the Cosmos, that has been developed by the Melbourne Planetarium in collaboration with ARC Centre of Excellence for All-Sky Astrophysics (CAASTRO), and is a beautifully animated documentary narrated by the brilliant Geoffery Rush. It takes the mind blowing science behind attempting to map the endlessness of space and explains it in accessible ways, blending those breathtaking night sky views with footage of the earthly equipment being used to map the skies.


Mini, 6, really liked the show and had plenty of questions after the credits rolled (some of which I needed Google to help me out with!). Rav liked what he saw but did take a power nap in space because being a space ranger and chasing down dry ice canapés pre show is super tiring. The recommended audience is 8+ but I would certainly suggest taking along younger children if they have enjoyed other planetarium shows or have an interest in the night sky.  

Capturing the Cosmos will be screening from today with times and tickets available on the Melbourne Planetarium website


Melbourne Planetarium is located at Scienceworks, Spotswood.