Zuru Toys Review


Product Detail: Smashers 8 Pak

RRP: $14.99 each


Smash the ball & collect 'em all - SMASHERS! ZURU’s innovative red Smashball puts the action right in your hands. Just throw, smash, surprise to find over 100 wacky sports characters inside! Find the Special Edition Bad Sports - only available in 8 packs. It's time for you to dunk n' smash with Smashers! 


Product Detail: Boy 5 SURPRISE & Girl 5 SURPRISE

RRP: $9.00 each


1,2,3,4,5…What's inside your 5 Surprise? Unwrap, peel, and reveal these cool capsules and find 5 surprise toys inside every one! What 5 toys will you unbox?  In the blue capsules you can find glow in the dark zombies, creepy prank toys, action-packed ninjas, super sticky squishies, dozens of cool stickers, mechanical insects, and much more!! 

Mayka Toy Block Tape

Product Detail Medium (2 Stud, 2-meter roll)

RRP: $14.99 each


The ORGINAL Mayka Toy Block Tape instantly transforms any surface into a base for toy building blocks, figures and accessories. Build around corners and up walls to MAYKA 3D world! Simply cut, shape then stick the reusable tape. Compatible with LEGO® and comes in 9 colours.  There’s no limit to what can be built - Snip a length of Mayka Tape and mount cannons onto the hull of your pirate ship. Build planets and rocket ships off your ceiling or race that police car right up the wall!  Ages 3+ 


Product Detail: Shnooks

RRP: $10.00 each


Get ready for the opening surprise!

Pop the bubble, shake and bring your new best friend to life. Shnooks magically grow 8x in size from their shnubble-bubble pack! Style their luscious hair with their collectable comb and friendship hair clip, and they'll SHNOOK after you!  Six loveable colored Shnooks to collect, all with their own personalities.


RRP: $4.00 each


Twist, shape and fidget with ZURU Tangles.  ZURU Tangles have endless uses - they can be a puzzle, a movable sculpture, a desktop toy, a fidget, a brain tool, an anti-stress device, accessory or even a cosmic art toy with special powers! The possibilities are limitless! 

Fidget Cube

RRP:$14.99 each


ZURU Fidget Cube™ by Antsy labs - The original and best ZURU Fidget Cube™ is designed by Antsy Labs to satisfy the natural urge to fidget throughout the day. Glide, flip, roll and click your way into focus. For the stress heads, the fidgets at school or home and for the lovers of the tactile, at any age….this latest gadget is for you!


Product Detail:  X-Shot Bug Attack Rapid Fire

RRP: $14.99


Creepeez and wall crawlers have invaded and only ZURU Bug Attack can blast them away with total accuracy! Unload the Rapid Fire blaster 6 dart barrel in less than 30 seconds and watch the bugs fall from the wall! Bug Attack Rapid Fire fires from a multi-load barrel and will fire darts up to 55ft/17m!

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