Melon Art


It's the season to be buying watermelon whole so let's have some fun with it! Inspired by this video I saw about the amazing culinary creations on board Carnival Cruises I have been carving up our own melon sculptures.

Tips for Melon Carving

. Have a plan before you start.

. Use a small, sharp knife.

. Carve shallow grooves for white and deeper for pink. If you want to keep the green colour carve an outline only.

.Hollowing out melon makes it more fragile to work with so if you can wait until after carving.

.Use toothpicks for adding on little details. 

. Don't stop at watermelon, try your hand at carving rock melon, pineapples and even apples and oranges! 

. Start with easy patterns and designs and work up to elaborate ones, there are plenty of melons and summer ahead!


This is all part of our involvement in the 'Moments worth Millions' campaign run by Carnival Cruises encouraging families to go out and make amazing memories on a budget.