Lego Fun

When it comes to budget family entertainment few things top Lego! This weekend we have all been sitting around creating with the Danish gold and it's been so much fun.


A great deal of our Lego comes from our childhood collections (this stuff lasts forever!!) with additions over the years. For this weekend's game we pulled apart some sets to try and recreate some favourite local landmarks. It is always more fun to go off book and get truly creative!


Usually we just build and break up but this time we also photographed the creations and with the help of the free editing app Snapseed we tried to get them looking Lego box worthy. It's an easy app for kids to get the hang of with lots of great text options.


Tips to bring out creativity:

1. Leave the Lego unsorted. Discovering pieces adds so much potential! 

2. Try timed challenges. 


3. Swap half built creations to get new ideas. 

4. Download an editing app and get the kids to design the box too. 

5. Have a go at some stop motion animation, Lego is perfect for it! 

6. Grab 10 pieces at random and see what you can make. 

7. Use minifigures to retell a favourite story. 

8. Use an old lunchbox as a portable creation zone by supergluing a base board to the inside of the lid and filling it with bricks. 




This is all part of the Moments Worth Millions campaign encouraging families to get out and make memories without having to spend a fortune. Check out Carnival Cruises for more ideas and a chance to win a family cruise!Β