Plane Spotting

There are plenty of great places in Melbourne for plane spotting but our favourite is at Tullamarine Airport, and not just because there is always an ice-cream truck there. Down the road from the entrance to the airport is a designated aircraft viewing area with free parking, benches, an icecream truck and a prime position at the end of the runway.

Address: Corner Sunbury Road and Oaklands Road, Melbourne Airport
Melways Map 177 H9

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Train Spotting

Melbourne's two largest stations are Flinders Street Station and Southern Cross Station, both provide ample opportunity to watch both metro and regional VLine trains.

We love the Bellair Street Reserve in Kensington for trainspotting too. The train line runs straight past this little playground so you can watch the planes from the swings, or other equipment, and there's a solid fence between the playground and trains so it's stress free.

Address: Bellair St, Kensington.





Hot Air Balloons
This is our favourite thing to do! It's not an easy one though. Early starts, cold mornings and unpredictable take off spots make this an adventure you earn. It sure is worth it to catch a take off though!
We have found one of the best spots for balloon spotting is Royal Park Nature Play in Parkville. There is a hill there that you can see the balloons float over the city from wherever they leave from and if you're really lucky you'll catch them take off from the park behind the hill. I would only recommend chasing the balloons if it's clear weather with minimal wind, flights get cancelled regularly in adverse weather. Balloons take off at sunrise. 

Address: Royal Park NaturePlay is right next door to the Royal Children's Hospital Flemington Road, Parkville.


Ship Spotting
We love Williamstown for shipspotting, there is a bike path and plenty of playgrounds along The Strand where you can see large cargo ships and sailing boats come in and out regularly.

Address: The Strand, Williamstown.